Memory Motel

April 9th

Memory Motel will be playing live, at Zephyr Lounge (1074 south Virgina street) on Saturday, April 9th. With Michael Gross and the Statuettes from Salt Lake City, and The Pocket Rockets from Los Angles. show starts at 8, 21+

Holland Show and update

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated this page! Anyways we’ve had a great year. We’re working on our debut album with Sonny Rosenberg at Lions home recording studio (

we’re hoping to have it finished sometime early summer. It keeps getting pushed back with delays and roadblocks, but we’re really really happy with the progress we have and the direction the album is going.

So we’re playing a show at the Holland Project showspace next week on 140 vesta!/events/149349908513086/


Thanks James and ben for filming this, this is rad!

songs are called, “all these voices in my head” and “reno”


Yo, So a couple months back, we went into the studio to record some songs.

This is them, and we are offering them to you, pay what you want

all the proceeds are going to fund our debut album :)


Yo everyone come to this show!

Saturday, January 8th 7pm studio on 4th, 432 east 4th street

with our friends WAZU (

and The Kanes (


To all our friends,

Memory Motel is going to be playing a charity concert on friday, december 3rd at the studio on 4th to benefit Global Voice, a charity that helps to build schools, churches homes and hospitals in 3rd world countries that are less fortunate then ourselves. Come out and support this awesome organization,
but be prepared to rock out!